Selasa, 17 Desember 2013

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About the Author and Historical Writer

If you want to know About the author below details simple; author is a blogger as well as a seo specialist who has been engaged in World Bloggers and SEO Nearby started in 2010 until now, and until now I still do A blogger who always Sharing Around Tips SEO Tips and jasaseoblog blogging website dot com, and is the author of daily activities A Electronics technician at a company in Bandung is rather Cimahi of West Java Province, Indonesia, the author just wanted to be someone who could be useful for Nusa and the Nation, And of course useless for the State Indonesia Beloved and I are useful for Parents and Families I and useful to All Men.

The author's history is short came from the Tribe is not able and Simple Solutions, where the author just wanted to devote his success only to parents, especially mother I am because I'm Loving father Writers have long menginggal world and leave this Earth forever, In this simple paced biographical data the author is not able to disclose much more detail because of many things that the author can not be expressed in general, might be the reason many people believe what the writer disguise Google Plus with a photo of a woman is nothing but just for Media Needs only online only, If you want The author knows more please add my facebook and Click Here for contact information can contact here 0823-2167-5727 (As), 085 721 811 141 (M3) (Only SMS), that information could Overview I write this on the About Us page, if still many shortcomings please be excused simply because the author An Ordinary Man is still a lot kekurangnnya and does not escape from the mistake and sin, Thank You.